BARANIDESIGN Meteohelix-pro-weather-station

BARANIDESIGN Meteohelix-pro-weather-station

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Automatic all-in-one micro-weather station

Model/Product no.: V0166

Category: Accessories


Automatic all-in-one micro-weather station MeteoHelix

  • Solar powered with up to 6 months without sun
  • Simple to install and to setup
  • Wireless data 5 times per hour with no wires & no antenna
  • Measures air temperature to WMO accuracy
  • Measures air humidity to WMO accuracy with dew & frost point output
  • Measures atmospheric pressure
  • Measures solar irradiation (pyranometer)
  • Rugged and precise in extreme climates

Helical design catches dirt on the outside and keeps internal sensors clean.

Solar powered with internal Li Ion battery for 4+ months of operation without sun


Weight 1.2kg (2.0 kg including stainless steel holder)
Dimensions Diameter = 170mm, Height = 226mm

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