BARANIDESIGN Meteorain 200 Compact

BARANIDESIGN Meteorain 200 Compact

Unit Price for 1 pcs 172 €

Unit Price for 10 pcs 157 € Unit Price for 25 pcs 152 € Unit Price for 100 pcs 149 €

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Ø200 cm² professional compact gauge

Model/Product no.: V0168

Ø200 cm² professional compact gauge for agriculture, smart-cities and research. Low maintenance rain gauge for agriculture and smart cities where long-term maintenance-free operation is essential. Uses a self-balancing magnetic tipping bucket measuring principle to reduce or resist the effects of dirt, vibration and leveling errors.

  • Durable impact-resistant and UV sunlight resistant materials for a long life

  • Highest resistance to vibrations from wind

  • Excellent repeatability of rain measurement with long-term maintenance-free operation due to the simplicity of design

  • Dirt & dust resistant self-balancing measurement principle

  • Accurate in torrential downpours and will register even trace amounts of rain accurately (0.2 mm of rain to over 20 mm/minute rains)

  • Bird-spike integrated into the funnel sieve with additional bird-spike mounting options

  • Normally Open (NO) reed switch connection with Normally Closed (NC) option available

  • Standard resolution 0.20 mm / tip or 0.008" / tip WMO standard

  • Available in 0.01” resolution to comply with NOAA and NWS standards

  • Stainless steel rain gauge mount is included




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