Chirpstack LoRaWAN server L-01

Chirpstack LoRaWAN server L-01

2.013 €

(excl. VAT)

The ready to use LoRaWAN server

Model/Product no.: V0311

The hardware is pre-installed with the latest version of Chirpstack – that is the most advanced and easy to use open source LoRaWAN server. 

This allows for easy connect to an existing IP infrastructure and the cost for installing and maintenance is a minimum. No license is needed.

The server is linux based and allows for customer applications and filters.

Supports both 2,4 GHz & 868MHz


Pre-installed with the latest version og Chirpstack- most advanced & easy to use open source LoRaWAN server, 

Server hardware: 

ASUS MiniPC PN52 – BBR959XD 

AMD Ryzen 5 5600H - 3.3GHz,  

AMD Radeon GPU 1800 MHz. 

RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200MT/s 

Disk: 1TB SSD 


Chirpstack is offering the following integration possibilities for push of data:

  • HTTP
  • MQTT
  • Azure Service-Bus
  • GCP Pub/Sub
  • InfluxDB
  • myDevices
  • PilotThings
  • Semtech LoRa Cloud
  • ThingsBoard


5 hours of support is included in the price.