Kerlink iFemtoCell/iStation SPN License Mono

Kerlink iFemtoCell/iStation SPN License Mono

260 €

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One box solution for collecting and export data to your IOT application

Model/Product no.: V0009

Installed on the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell, iFemtoCell-evolution, or iStation, the Wanesy™ SPN offers a “One box” solution to quickly & easily collect and expose your IoT* data to your Business application. Specially designed for Small Private Networks, smart building, smart agriculture … the Wanesy™ SPN is the perfect solution to simplify your deployment.



Key features:


Data available locally: Embedded LNS (LoRaWAN™ Network Server) to collect and expose the LoRaWAN™ data of your Kerlink Wirnet™ Gateways.

• 0-touch deployment with Prestaging.

Evolutive architecture:

  • Mono-gateway for Wirnet™ iFemtoCell, iFemtoCell-evolution, iStation
  • or multi-gateway collecting data from Wirnet™ iFemtoCell, iFemtoCell-evolution, iStation, Station or iBTS to expose on a Wirnet™ iFemtoCell, iFemtoCell-evolution or iStation.

Edge-computing ready: Open Linux environment, Node-RED compliant, in-house SW compliant.

• High performance, Security, reliability & robustness: Quality Management System certified ISO9001: 2015 by AFNOR certification, with permanent implementation of progress.




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