Elsys ELT-2 HP

Elsys ELT-2 HP

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ELT-2-HP LoRaWAN ™ device measures analogue or digital signals.


Model/Product no.: V0115

Category: Accessories


ELT-2-HP is a general LoRaWAN ™ device that measures analogue or digital signals.

ELT-2-HP has a multifunction input like ELT-1, but also an additional I / O. ELT-2-HP can, for example, used with electric meters, flow meters, analog sensors, humidity sensors or temperature sensors.

The ELT-2-HP is closed in an IP67 box and is designed to be outside. Inside the ELT-2-HP you will find four internal sensors: a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, an accelerometer and an atmospheric pressure sensor.

The battery life is estimated to be up to 10 years, but depends on sample interval, transmission range, data rate and environmental factors. 

ELT-2-HP is powered by a 3.6V AA lithium battery (ER14505). Battery and antenna is not included.



Weight 0,1
Dimensions 94 59 35 mm

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