Deltronic Heat Alarm H10

Deltronic Heat Alarm H10

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Heat sensor with LoRaWAN and 10-year battery operation

Model/Product no.: V0209

The heat sensor has alarm and temperature sensing. The radio card sends a status update once a day with latest event including operating time(uptime), current battery voltage from radio card and 12 temperature values per day. The sensor is CE-approved.


  • Heat detector 54° – 65°C with hush function
  • Built in 10 year lithium battery, not replaceable.
  • LED & Test button, built-in self-monitoring
  • Low battery warning with 10 hour delay
  • Pause function 10 min
  • Powerful alarm signal ( > 85dB at 3 meters distance)
  • Via LoRaWAN, updates are sent every day on status
  • Alarms are sent directly via LoRaWAN with temperature values
  • Certified producer according to ISO 9001:2008



Weight 140 g
Dimensions 90 x 58 mm

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