Milesight Smart Portable Socket WS523-868M EU

Milesight Smart Portable Socket WS523-868M EU

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LoRaWAN and NFC control of electrical appliances.

Model/Product no.: V0227

The Smart Portable Socket enables LoRaWAN and NFC control of elctrical appliances. Additionally, the power consumption is measured and overload is provided. Milesight Smart LoRaWAN Portable Socket is compatible with industry-standard LoRaWAN® gateways. 



  • Remotely turn on/off electrical appliances from your mobile phone.

  • Power Consumption Measurement*

  • Create schedules to turn the remote appliances on/off automatically.

  • Overload Protection**

  • LED Status Indicator

  • Manual Over-ride switch

  • V0 Grade Flame-Retardent Enclosure


*The power consumption measurement and flexible scheduel setting would help to save power and lower electric bills.

**The overload protection prevents connected appliances, safety fuse and the smart socket itself from damage of overcurrent.



User Guide

Dimensions 110 62 35 mm

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