Milesight Smart Scene Panel WS156-868M

Milesight Smart Scene Panel WS156-868M

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The Smart Scene Panel allows users to control a number (6) of related products from one simple panel. 

Model/Product no.: V0224

The Milesight WS156/WS136 allows occupant to predefine 6 scenes with different surrounding ambiences which can be fast changed by pressing the button. Milesight provides rich icon sources to match a variety of life scenes. It is easy to change the display content by just uploading an image. Milesight D2D (Device to Device) protocol featuring LoRa enables the communication among different Milesight LoRaWAN® node devices without a LoRaWAN® gateway. As a Milesight D2D Controller device, one command message sent from WS156/WS136 can be received by multiple Milesight D2D Agent devices. Each button of WS156/WS136 can work in LoRaWAN® or Milesight D2D protocol separately. 2 x 590 mAh CR2450 Replaceable Lithium Button Batteries Up to 3 Years Battery Life (20 Presses per Day). 



  • Multiple Scenes

  • Customizable Display

  • One-to-Many Control

  • Milesight D2D Communication

  • Lower Latency

  • 1 Second Response Time

  • Secure Transmission

  • Reduce Investment Cost



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Dimensions 86 86 14 mm

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