Milesight AI Workplace Sensor VS121-868M

Milesight AI Workplace Sensor VS121-868M

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Milesight VS121 AI workplace sensor uses anonymous people counting data to help you see and understand your workspace utilization. 

Model/Product no.: V0222

Category: Accessories


VS121 AI workplace sensor is a flexibility specialist with a unique perspective on space utilization. A real-time AI-based occupancy sensor helps organizations to better understand the people using and working within spaces. Object detection without facial recognition – no personal identifiable information is used, collected or uploaded. High Recognition Rate. The moving object would be simply recognized as human or non-human. The recognition rate is as high as 95%. Large Detection Area. One unit can cover up to 5 meters radius(or 78 square meters) at 3 meters height. Custom Detection Region. VS121 allows you to map up to 16 custom regions, and determine the detection side of these regions. 



  • Anonymous Detection 

  • Compliant with GDPR 

  • 95% Recognition Rate 

  • Custom Detection Region 


Comes with powersupply



Weight 126.9g
Dimensions 85 85 20 mm

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