DNIL LHi110 LoRa HAN Interface

DNIL LHi110 LoRa HAN Interface

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Transports data from electricity meters equipped with a “HAN-port” over LoRaWAN

Model/Product no.: V0435

LHi110 transports data from electricity meters equipped with a “HAN-port” over
LoRaWAN. HAN-port, also known as a P1-port, is required on all new electricity
meters installed in the Nordic countries and some other European countries.

HAN-port emits meter data at least every 10 seconds which LHi110 converts and
transmits over a standard LoRaWAN IoT network. Selection of meter data and
statistics calculation is configurable via LoRaWAN downlink to support different
usage scenarios. Meter data related to both import and export (production) of
electricity are available, as well as active and reactive components.


LHi110 is normally supplied directly from the electricity meter via HAN-port,
optionally an internal connector available for external power supply.



  • Support “P1” data interface towards smart electricity meters

  • Powered via “P1” data interface or separate internal connector

  • Hardware crypto co-processor for secure key storage. Encrypted FW.

  • Internal LoRa antenna

  • LoRaWAN EU868 version 1.0.2 device

  • LoRaWAN Class C receiver

  • LED status indication for power, LoRa and P1 data interface states

  • Programmable report contents and report interval via LoRa downlink



Dimensions 91 mm x 43 mm

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