Milesight Smart Current Transformer 100 A CT101-868M

Milesight Smart Current Transformer 100 A CT101-868M

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The Milesight CT10X LoRaWAN Sensor is a unique current monitoring solution designed for seamless integration into existing electrical systems 

Model/Product no.: V0429

  • 100 Arms

  • Self-powered: Derives power directly from the measured circuit, eliminating battery dependence and ensuring continuous operation. 

  • Multiple current options: Supports various current ranges to cater to diverse monitoring needs. 

  • High accuracy: Delivers exceptional accuracy with a high sampling frequency of up to 3.3 kHz. 

  • Compact and easy installation: Features a compact design and clamp-on functionality for quick and safe installation without interrupting the circuit. 

  • LoRaWAN connectivity: Enables long-range, low-power communication for efficient data transmission. 

  • Threshold alarms: Allows for setting thresholds to trigger alerts when current levels exceed or fall below predefined values. 

  • Remote monitoring: Access real-time and historical data remotely through a LoRaWAN gateway and cloud platform. 


Dimensions 86.5 31 37.4 mm (5.7 3.54 1.47 in)

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