Adeunis MODBUS LoRaWAN® EU863-870

Adeunis MODBUS LoRaWAN® EU863-870

Unit Price for 1 pcs 250 €

Unit Price for 10 pcs 232 € Unit Price for 25 pcs 220 € Unit Price for 100 pcs 195 €

(excl. VAT)

The adeunis® LoRaWAN MODBUS MASTER is a ready-to-use radio transmitter with a MODBUS interface.

Model/Product no.: V0039

This product meets the needs of users to communicate with one or several MODBUS slaves and transmit thier information via LoRaWan network.

  • The product could handle upto 10 slaves with 15 registers by slave.
  • It transmits the data from the slaves either periodically or in an event-related way based on high or low thresholds.
  • The configuration of the transmitter is accessible by the user via a micro-USB port or remotely via the LoRaWAN network, allowing in particular a choice of modes of transmission, periodicity or triggering thresholds.
  • The LoRaWAN MODBUS MASTER is powered by an external power supply


Weight 70 g
Dimensions 105 x 50 x 27 mm

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