IMBuildings People Counter LoRaWAN

IMBuildings People Counter LoRaWAN

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LoRaWAN People Counter with horizontal infrared technology

Model/Product no.: V0135

Category: Accessories

  • Easy installation
  • LoRaWAN Communication
  • Free from GDPR issues
  • Battery powered
  • Bi-Directional horizontal counting
  • Infrared technology
  • Enhanced Noise Immunity


The LoRaWAN People Counter works with horizontal infrared technology. No Camera or personal data is used, meaning you will not have issues regarding the European GDPR.


Easy installation for accurate counting without the need for setting up count lines or calibration and so on...


Count values are registered for people entering and leaving. Data is at a configurable interval to the LoRaWAN network. Status information for remote monitoring is available.


Powered by two AA batteries. Not included.




Dimensions 116 x 69 x 22 mm

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